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Here's a treat for you guys!

A little drabble-but-not fic-treat to all Dick/Tim/Roy fans, I hope you all like it!

No real title...I should work on that.
Disclaimer:  Not mine...darnit DX

Tim swatted at the older man behind him "Quit it."

Roy smiled "But Ti~im, they're cute!"

The teen sighed exasperatedly "No, they're not. They're annoying and you're not-" his scowl deepened, before he whirled around "Dick!"

The acrobat danced away from Tim's strike, snickering "He's right, Timmy, they're adorable."

"They're unnatural, uncomfortable, and completely embarrassing," Tim hissed "and you two-"

He was cut off by Dick suddenly stepping forward and pulling him close, nuzzling the top of his head "Come on, Tim, they're not so bad. Kinda sexy, actually."

"Very sexy, Short Pants," Roy came up behind Tim, wrapping his own arms around the two and mirroring Dick's nuzzling "they're very sexy, as well as very adorable."

"Guys.." Tim huffed, relenting to the two older men: there really was no point in fighting it.

If they thought his new cat ears and tail were endearing enough that they absolutely have to touch them -him- then who is he to argue?

Why won't the LJ cut work?!

I can't think of a title..D:

Something random that came to mind, with crossing over Batman and Percy Jackson.

Disclaimer: Not mine, but I borrow them from time to time.
Don't even think of messing with Tim's boys...he'll get you.

"What's this?"

Tim didn't resist, when the photo he had been staring at was plucked from his fingers.

Drew really just wasn't worth the energy it took to argue with.

So, the teen just blankly watched, as she admired the three men in the picture.

Pink-lined brown eyes blinked "My, my, my.."

The glamorous-in-camper-attire stared at Tim out of the corner of her eye "And who are these three magnificent creatures, sweetie?"

Tim's face remained Robin-blank "Nightwing, Red Hood, and Red Arrow."

Aphrodite cabin's leader scoffed lightly, her smile never wavering "That's obvious, darling, but what are their names?"

Athena's son had a vague urge to tell her what she wanted to know but he shook his head, dispelling it.

Drew never could get him to succumb to her Charmspeak "What does it matter to you?"

"Well, since it's obvious that such gorgeous specimens are way out of your league," the Charmspeaker smirked down at Tim "perhaps I could place myself somewhere within their sites an-"

The other teen suddenly slamming her against the tree, cut her off.

A hand pressed against her throat, making it difficult to breathe, as Tim glared at her, eyes flashing dangerously.

If Drew could, she'd swallow nervously.

"I'm only going to say this once," the dryad in the tree shivered at his voice "so listen up: if you ever even think of going anywhere near any of them, I'll shatter your voicebox and render your mother's blessing obsolete, understand?"

The other teen nodded, eyes wide with fear.

Tim nodded sharply "Good," snatching the photo from her fingers and leaving Aphrodite's daughter slumped against the tree, as he went back to his cabin.

He didn't pay any mind to the numerous campers that were staring at him in awe and a little fear.

It's not as good as it could be, but I like it just the same.

For anyone who hasn't read Percy Jackson and its slowly developing sequel series, Heroes of Olympus (Second one's out! Need. To. Get), the next bit of babbling is a little spoiler.

Charmspeak is a blessing Aphrodite bestows on some of her children. It's a rare gift that gives the user the power to persuade/hyponotize anyone to do as they please. If someone has a strong enough will, like Tim (yay!), they can resist it.

Birthday Present!

This is a Percy Jackson gift-fic for batwest!

Happy Birthday, I hope you like it!

"So, Montauk?"Collapse )

The One-Armed Thief

Again, DCAU/Timm'verse
Fighting, monsters, death, and gore!

"TAMMY WATCH OUT!!"Collapse )

Daughter of Hermes

Child-eating monster!

'I don't wanna be eaten!'Collapse )

My Name Is...

Just a little something I thought up.

Girl!Timmy (I really need to stop doing that)


"Tammy, we need you."Collapse )

Echo Tattoo

Hey, I figured it out!

This is the tattoo from the Echo story.

My friend wrote the word for me and I drew and colored the flowers.

Story: http://gothamsphoenix.livejournal.com/1731.html#cutid1

Tim's a girl again!

Just an idea that came to me while IMing with anthraciteowl one night:

Girl!Tim, yay!Collapse )
Eh, I like it.

More Memes

Meme #3


*Pick favorite character(s)

*Create a scenario involving that/those character(s)

*The scenario has to be something that happens to everyday people (ranging from everyday chores to not-so-everyday incidents -animal attacks and the like-) *No super villains or anything like that involved: it has to be an almost everyday occurrence

*If using a character that has altered/alien body functions and systems, speculate how those differences would be worse or better for that individual (if using something that involves bodily harm)


Not even super heroes are invulnerable to what happens to everyday people.


Meme #4

*Think of favorite scene from Titanic

*Alter scene however you like, or think it should’ve happened, with DC characters/pairings

*No rating restrictions, have fun!


Two Memes

Meme #1


*Pairing: Favorite (not excluding threesomes or more)

*Pick any Greek/Roman mythology story you like

*Apply elements of mythology story to DC/A/U or vice versa

*Story can either be myths that are occurring in DC/A/U or DC/A/U characters replacing characters in stories


Meme #2


*Take favorite stories/series from DCU

*Apply story to DCAU

*Preferably Timm’verse but any DC Animated will do

*Any pairing you want to happen, let them happen

If any of it seems confusing, ask me to explain, I'll see if I can explain it better.
Who wants to try?